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The Mile High City Sliders Food Truck has been serving up the Best Sliders in Denver since we started rolling through the streets of the Mile High City in 2014.


Every day, we strive to provide our customers with the best food truck experience in the Denver area.

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Anything Slider Size! Our old fashioned Cheeseburgers are made Fresh-to-Order and served on a soft golden Potato Bun! We start with fresh ground Certified Angus Beef Chuck Steak lightly salted and balled into single servings. The balls are then smashed onto a sizzling hot grill with freshly sliced onions, creating a crispy sear on the bottom, while the onions steam on top of the burgers. Because of this our Juicy Burgers will melt in your mouth and keep you coming back for more! We use only the freshest ingredients and this age-old process to cook and craft our Burgers. This ensures an addicting flavor and an Old School Burger Stand experience every time! We pride ourselves on being a Denver, Colorado based Food Truck serving simply great, affordable Food!


Double up your Sliders

The Jalpeno Double

We offer most of our sliders as a double slider. The Double Jalapeno Slider is a crowd favorite. It's an Angus beef patty, cooked on a bed of lettuce topped with a fresh jalapeno cream cheese spread..... Delicious!

Jalapeno double.jpg
Eggplant slider.jpg

Vegetarian Options

Looking for a meatless alternative?  We have you covered. Our breaded eggplant slider is a delicious and savory option that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. Additionally, our grilled cheese slider is always a crowd-pleaser.



All Occassions

Whether it's a birthday party for a loved one. Or a casual wedding for you and that special someone. Let us take the stress of the food service off of your long to do list. 

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Contact Us

Tel: 720-375-3464

Denver Colorado

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